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MITEL 5000 Communication Platform

The Mitel 5000 Communications Solutions is a family of products built on an advanced hardware architecture that optimizes the latest in Voice over IP technology, while leveraging over a decade of telephony-feature development by Mitel and over 38 years of industry experience. The system addresses the communication needs of the Small and Medium (SMB) market with world-class applications, open architecture interfaces and user-friendly features.

Mitel 5000 server

Whether you are connecting offices together over a data network, or you are deploying IP phones to employees in or out of the office, the system is designed to accommodate your needs. In addition to full IP support, the Mitel 5000 family of products supports the blending of IP and digital phones together in the same system. The system supports up to 250 IP phones as well as 192 digital phones, along with a capacity up to 74 trunk circuits. Additionally, this advanced communications platform supports a wide array of business needs.

Mitel Model 5312

Some of the more notable features built-in to the units are:

Mitel Fact Sheet (PDF - 600KB)

Mitel 5000 Specs (PDF - 736KB)

Mitel Endpoints (PDF - 4.1MB)

Mitel 5000 Brochure (PDF - 1.6MB)

Let's Talk Green (PDF - 628KB)

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Inter-Tel AXXESS System

Inter-Tel, based in Arizona, has designed and manufactured business phone systems since 1969. Inter-Tel’s ongoing commitment to new technology ensures that its customers’ communication platform will scale to meet their future needs. The AXXESS System offers the following features:

Inter-Tel Telephones (PDF - 468K)

Inter-Tel Business Applications (PDF - 852K)

Inter-Tel AXXESS Systems Specifications (PDF - 172K)

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"I am thrilled with the Inter-Tel AXXESS System and the installation and support. During our construction your part was the only part that was perfect!"

Paul K. Brownstone, MD,
Medical Director,
Alpine Clinical Research Center, Inc.

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